Lancaster Spirits company launches first flavoured gin

One of the North West’s newest distilleries has launched its first ever flavoured gin, capturing the flavours of summer. The Raspberry & Rose Gin expression follows the success of the brand’s Firecracker Gin release of last year.

The gin is infused with natural essences, each taking around a month to filter through the spirit. It was crafted by head distiller Gerard Evans in copper still Rose.

Marketed as capturing the flavours of summer, the expression is described by the producers as having notes of raspberries, rose petals and apples from the rose on the palate.

Gerard Evans, the brand’s consultant distiller and non-executive director, commented: “As with everything we produce we’ve given this gin expression our undivided attention to create the perfect pink pour. Summer berry fruit balanced painstakingly with apple freshness from natural rose petals delivers a juniper forward gin which is bursting with subtle but exceptional flavours.’’ 

Lancaster Spirits is a grain to glass distillery, which takes an unusual approach to creating its base grain spirit. The brand uses a specially crafted beer made using a blend of wheat and rye grains, a 200 year old Lancastrian live yeast and water drawn from an artesian well.

The latest launch is available now through the distillery’s website and through selected retailers priced at £29 for 50cl.

More information can be found at the Lancaster Spirits website.

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