The Gin Magazine Awards aim to celebrate the best and brightest in the global gin industry – whether that’s outstanding products in the World Gin Awards, the best people and places in the Icons of Gin, or individuals who have dedicated their lives to furthering the industry in our Hall of Fame.

World Gin Awards

The World Gin Awards select the very best gins in the internationally recognised gin styles and promote the world’s best gins to consumers and trade across the globe.

Icons of Gin

Celebrating all aspects of the gin industry, from innovative brands with a story to tell, quality retailers that allow us to explore the globe through our G&Ts, distillery attractions that get us closer to our favourite brands, and passionate individuals driving the industry forward to new heights.

Hall of Fame

The highest accolade that Gin Magazine bestows is to induct members into its Hall of Fame. These individuals will be drawn from distillers, company owners and writers, but all linked in that they have left a lasting mark on the gin industry. It is our permanent tribute to the people whose work we all cherish and enjoy.


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