Gin Magazine, the bimonthly international publication covering gins from around the world, is devoted entirely to this great spirit. Gin Magazine covers news, features, cocktails, reviews and, of course, tastings of the very best gins including winners from the World Gin Awards.

Exploring the lifestyle of gin, the bars, hotels, travel, fine dining and the pleasures of gin, Gin is written by world-class drinks writers and is published as a print and digital edition. With topical social media, and the annual Gin Magazine Awards, enthusiasts and industry alike will be able to celebrate this world-class spirit throughout the year.

Issue 16

• Manchester Gin: Sharing the love of good gin
• Crafty Distillery: A new kind of gin experience
• New York: Gin distillers in the Empire State
• Discover the links between gin and music – and download our Gin Magazine playlist!
• Your guide to throwing the ultimate gin dinner party
• Flavour profiles: Sweet spices in gins, mixers and cocktails

• 27 gins blind tasted by our experts

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