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Issue 20

• The Dutch ‘grain republic’ championing better grain farming to improve local genevers
• US Gin Association: the push to promote American gin
• Discover bars around the globe that are taking a stand on sustainability
• Meet the consultant who helped launch some of Britain’s most famous gin brands
• Cocktails: how to combine gin and Chartreuse
• Gin drinks to pair with breakfast food favourites

• 23 gins blind tasted by our experts

Gin issue 19

Issue 19

• North Uist Distillery: meet the founders of this Hebridean island’s first legal distillery
• Touring the gin distilleries of Tasmania
• Gin de Mahon: the distillery keeping Menorca’s gin traditions alive
• Discover gins designed for neat sipping
• How island distillers use local botanicals to create a sense of place

• 23 gins blind tasted by our experts

Gin Magazine Issue 18

Issue 18

• Hendrick’s Gin: See inside the Gin Palace with master distiller Lesley Gracie
• Planter’s House: Marvellous mixology in St. Louis, Missouri
• Backwards Distilling Co’s circus-inspired spirits
• Sampling no- and low-alcohol alternatives to gin
• Discover the science behind how gins smell and taste

• 28 gins blind tasted by our experts

Issue 17

Full results from the Icons of Gin and World Gin Awards, plus new Gin Magazine Hall of Fame inductees

• Portobello Road Gin: Modern takes on classic styles
• Women and gin: From a chequered past to a bright future
• Craft genever: Dutch distillers making genever to a high historic standard
• Lesser-known classic gin cocktails to try at home

• 27 gins blind tasted by our experts

Issue 16

• Manchester Gin: Sharing the love of good gin
• Crafty Distillery: A new kind of gin experience
• New York: Gin distillers in the Empire State
• Discover the links between gin and music – and download our Gin Magazine playlist!
• Your guide to throwing the ultimate gin dinner party
• Flavour profiles: Sweet spices in gins, mixers and cocktails

• 27 gins blind tasted by our experts

Issue 15

• How gin makers evoke places, times and memories in their spirits
• Sharish Gin: Distilling the spirit of Portugal
• Cornwall: Meet the West Country’s gin makers
• South Australia’s must-visit distilleries and bars
• Savoury flavours in gins, mixers and cocktails
• US road trip: Distillers on California’s El Camino Real

• 28 gins blind tasted by our experts

Issue 14

• The shared history of gin and ice cream
• How distillers are breathing new life into surplus food
• Discover the close links between the worlds of gin and gastronomy
• Using Asian fruits, herbs and spices in your cocktails
• Discovering citrus flavours in gins, mixers and drinks

• 28 gins blind tasted by our experts

Issue 13

All the results of the 2021 World Gin Awards, Icons of Gin, and Hall of Fame

• Meeting India’s craft distillers
• Why orange is the latest hot flavour in gin
• Alternative gin mixers if you don’t want tonic
• US road trip: Discovering Oregon’s gin makers

• 28 gins blind tasted by our experts

Issue 12

• Explore Australian distilleries championing Indigenous botanicals
• Hear the history of Quebec’s Distillery du St. Laurent
• Learn about the fiery relationship between gin and ginger
• Christmas gin cocktails to try – using some favourite festive tipples

• 24 gins blind tasted by our experts

Issue 11

• Interview with Whitley Neill founder, Johnny Neill
• Distilleries where you can make your own gin
• Meet the distillers of New England and their unique approach to gin making
• Discover the art, science and magic behind gin production
• How to stretch out classic cocktails into longer, summer-ready serves

• 26 gins blind tasted by our experts

Issue 10

• World Gin Awards 2020
• Icons of Gin
• Gin Magazine Hall of Fame

• The flight of Aviation Gin
• Bombay Sapphire’s push for sustainability
• Discover the Mallorca Distillery
• Botanicals – the pros and cons of cucumber
• New York city’s top gin bars
• Low-alcohol cocktails
• 26 new releases blind tasted

Issue 9

• Warner’s – Meet Tom Warner
• Beehive – Utah’s first gin distiller since 1870
• Sourcing botanicals
• Sustainability
• Gift Guide – A selection of the best gifts for the gin lovers in your life
• Cocktails – Winter warmers
• Exploring the growing gin hotbed of Yorkshire
• Dublin bar guide
• Take a seat at the Atlas Bar

• 28 new releases blind tasted

Issue 8

• Meet new Speyside distiller Eight Lands
• Gordon’s – Celebrating 250 years as a mainstay of the gin industry
• Gin innovation at America’s Vikre Distillery
• Tobermory Distillery – A whisky distiller turning its hand to gin production
• Bangkok – Asia’s emerging cocktail paradise
• Pre-mixed gin and tonics on the market
• Bitters – How just a dash can elevate your G&T

• 22 new releases blind tasted

Issue 7

• Nicholson Gin
• Plymouth Gin
• Botanicals – Exploring some of the world’s most expensive botanicals
• Opportunities in the era of the limited-edition release
• Cocktails – Negroni’s 100th birthday
• Bogotá gin bars
• The UK’s coastal gins
• Meet Jon Hillgren, the man behind some of the world’s best gin
• Gin reads to swap your summer novel for
• Piet van Leijenhorst – The Bols master distiller talks about the heart and soul of Genever

• 22 new releases blind tasted

Issue 6

• World Gin Awards 2020
• Icons of Gin
• Gin Magazine Hall of Fame

• Growth and evolution at Adnams
• Citrus botanicals
• Aged gin
• Gin & Tea
• Cocktails – The Hot Gin Toddy
• Copenhagen gin bars
• The gin bar menu at… The Savoy’s American Bar
• Colorado – A hotbed of US gin
• Beefeater – An American point of view
• Meet Lesley Gracie, the maker behind gin with a twist
• Gin glasses – We search for a glass with class
• 22 new releases blind tasted

Issue 5

• Copper Rivet – The distillery going grain-to-glass
• Botanicals – Akavi, caraway and dill
• Steeping versus Vapour Infusion
• Gin cocktails using sparking wines
• Celebrating Brockmans’ 10th birthday
• Tokyo gin bars
• Gin gift guide
• Urban botanicals
• Filliers Distillery – Dragging Genever into a new age
• Gin schools
• Genever – A look at gin’s close cousin
• Dr. Anne Brock – The chemist creating every drop of Bombay Sapphire

• 20 new releases blind tasted

Issue 4

• The Cotswolds Distillery
• Botanicals – A close look at cardamom
• Rate of distillation
• Cocktails – Turning pink gin into a classic
• Food – Boozy afternoon tea
• Toronto gin bars
• Seaside gins
• The Curious Case of Dr. Sylvius
• Tiki Time – here’s some cocktails to show you how
• World Gin Day cocktails
• Christopher Hayman – What it means for Hayman’s to come to London
• Mr Fogg’s Gin Parlour

• 22 new releases blind tasted

Issue 3

• London to Lima – The distillers who moved from London to make a home in Peru
• Sipsmith – The pioneers of the UK’s craft gin movement
• Edinburgh Gin Distillery
• Botanicals – Anise and fennel
• Neutral Grain Spirit
• Cocktails – Sloe gin
• Berlin gin bars
• Gin’s links with the Navy
• Drinks by the Demijohn – The gin scene in the Philippines
• Where does your gin come from?
• Meet award-winning bartender Maxim Schulte
• The gin bar menu at… 40 St Paul’s

• 22 new releases blind tasted

Issue 2

• World Gin Awards 2020
• Icons of Gin
• Gin Magazine Hall of Fame

• Warner Edwards Distillery
• Botanicals – Lavender and coriander
• Recipes – How master distillers create a recipe that works
• Cocktails – Examining the Gin Fizz
• Food – Gin and fish
• The Mexican gin scene
• Genever round-up
• Gin books
• Meet bartender Alex Lawrence
• The gin bar menu at… Galgorm Resort and Spa
• Gin season – Spiced gins and hot toddies with Cherry Constable
• San Francisco gin bars
• Exploring Scottish gin
• Forgotten gin cocktails
• 22 new releases blind tasted

Issue 1

• Lockhouse Distillery
• Botanicals – Angelica and orris roots
• Distillation – What really happens to the botanicals during distillation
• Cocktails – The Gimlet
• London gin bars
• Q&A with Hotel Pulitzer Amsterdam’s head barman, Andrei Talapanescu
• History – The rise and fall of gin and its very royal connections
• Gin in literature
• 50 years in gin – Beefeater’s Desmond Payne

• 22 new releases blind tasted