Tamworth Distilling to bring back Damson Gin

Tamworth Distilling has announced the return of Tamworth Garden Damson Gin, a spirit with roots dating back to 18th century Britain. 

The expression is produced by infusing tart, sweet damson plums which are harvested during early fall, into gin. 

Its 18th century roots stem from the traditions of British farmers during this era, who harvested damson plums from August through to September. As they were too sour to enjoy fresh from the tree, the plums were often used in jams, jellies, pastry fillers and as something to be soaked in alcohol. 

The producer has described the liquid as having tangy and earthy notes on the palate, and not as sweet as many other flavoured gins on the market currently.

CEO Steven Grasse said on the return of the spirit: “The spirits we create at Tamworth Distilling are all deeply rooted in the history of the land around us. British traditions often made their way to New England when the land in Tamworth was first settled, and our Damson Plum Gin is distilled in homage to those who first created the spirit during the 17th century.”

Bottled at 60 proof/30% ABV, Damson Gin is available to purchase here at an RRP of $55 for a 750ml bottle, as well as on-site at both Tamworth Distilling and Philadelphia’s Art in the Age.

The expression is recommended to drink either neat – because if its low proof – or stirred into a zhuzhed-up Negroni.  The distillery is also touting the expression as a prime spirit for Valentine’s Day gift-giving.

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