Salted Plum gin launches in Singapore

The Peddlers Gin company has announced that it is launching its Salted Plum Gin in Singapore. 

Inspired by a classic sloe gin, Peddlers infuses its original Shanghai Gin with salted plum,  mulberry, hawthorne and osmanthus for three months, before aging in Spanish oloroso sherry casks for one month in order to give it notes of vanilla and a dry finish.

Bottled at 25% ABV, the expression is inspired by a summer drink, Suan Mei Tang, said to be one of the oldest traditional beverages in China.

The gin is described as having notes of salted plum, dates and mulberry on the palate followed by flavours of hawthorne, liquorice and citrus and dry sherry notes to finish.

Previous expressions from Peddlers Gin includes the aforementioned Shanghai Gin, used in the creation of the Salted Plum gin, and its Barrel Aged gin, which rested for three months in French oak barrels.

The gin is available here at an RRP of S$69 for a 750ml bottle. Between now and 23 December, customers purchasing through the website can receive a 20% off by using the promo code: SALTEDPLUMPARTY.

Serving suggestion

Peddlers suggests that it works best in Highballs as a Sloe Gin soda, or in either Spritzes or Negronis.

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