Win a night in a Bridget Jones-inspired flat with Bloom Gin

Christmas party at home with drinks and decorations

Bloom Gin is giving a lucky group of pals the chance to celebrate ‘Friendmas’ at an iconic London flat staged exactly like the Bridget Jones film

The English gin brand is putting on the “ultimate festive girls’ night in” in an apartment staged to re-create heroine Bridget’s home in the early-noughties film series. It will be decked out for the occasion with a Bloom Gin mixologist on hand to create Christmassy cocktails, a festive spread of food, matching PJs, board games and speakers.

Defined by Urban Dictionary as “when close friends get together to consume delicious foodstuff and exchange gifts”, Friendmas has become a festive calendar staple among younger generations in the UK.

Research by in 2018 found that one in five UK adults aged 21 to 38 were planning on celebrating Christmas Day with friends. It is predicted that the Covid-19 pandemic has exacerbated this trend, with many Brits unable to travel home for the holidays.

Bloom Gin Christmas Morning cocktail
A Bloom Gin Christmas Morning cocktail

Behavioural psychologist Jo Hemmings, who has consulted for shows including Married at First Sight, puts this trend in part down to the fact that people – in particular women – often feel more relaxed at Friendmas parties.

“In truth, Friendmas is more of a female tradition,” Hemmings said. “Often, it’s women who still bear the responsibility of prepping for Christmas and making sure that the big day goes well, so having a proper, fun, girls’ night in becomes even more of an escape from that.”

Groups of up to six friends (aged 21 and over) can apply to win the festive bash at the Bridget Jones’-inspired flat by submitting their most frank and funniest Christmas-related anecdotes at

Planning on holding your own Friendmas bash? Find some festive cocktail inspiration here.

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