Would you try this new catnip-infused gin?

A bottle of Catford Gin with a gin and tonic garnished with lemon

A new London gin brand is hoping it has created a purr-fect recipe with its catnip-infused gin.

Catford Gin, named after the city suburb where it is produced, includes catnip (Nepeta Catania) among its botanicals. Best known as a feline favourite, the plant is a member of the mint family, with subtle aromas of pine and lemongrass.

The team of ‘Catfordians’ behind the brand say they created the gin “to pay homage to our beloved area”. As well as catnip, its botanical mix includes lemon peel, lime flower, coriander seed, juniper, and angelica and orris roots.

Catford Gin (40% ABV) is vegan and contains sustainably and locally sourced ingredients. The team also uses plastic-free packaging, which is made from sustainably sourced materials, is manufactured using a carbon-neutral process, and is fully recyclable/biodegradable.

It is available online at or at the House of Catford pop-up on Catford Broadway, priced at £34 for a 50cl bottle.

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