Travel to Marrakech and California with these new gins

California and Marrakech Gins from CBA Gin Co.

A new London-based spirits brand is hoping to transport drinkers away to far-flung places with its first gin releases.

Marrakech Gin and California Gin are the first two releases from CBA Gin Co, inspired by the destinations from which they take their names.

Designed to conjure the sights, sounds and smells of a Moroccan souk, Marrakech Gin is made with 19 botanicals including fresh lemon peel, mint, coriander and turmeric. It comes in a deep blue bottle with terracotta and gold geometric labelling, and the label also features artwork depicting Marrakech’s world-renowned Majorelle Gardens.

Meanwhile, California Gin features 10 botanicals, including intense citrus from Valencian oranges, to summon images of sunlit days in Orange County. Echoing this theme, the bottle is orange in colour with rippling rays emanating from its lettering.

CBA Gin Co was founded by Peter Barney and Chris Stewart, who have experience in the hospitality industry and alcohol marketing. They had been running a bar together for more than a decade when the pandemic hit in early 2020.

Their gins have been a year in the making and are designed to transport drinkers away following almost 18 months of travel restrictions due to Covid-19. 

Chris said: “We are absolutely delighted to be launching both CBA Gin Co and our duo of premium destination gins. We have worked incredibly hard over the last year to finally now be able to offer the tastes of Marrakech and California in our gins to UK consumers, at a time when we can’t travel there. As our strapline goes: ‘If You Can’t Go in Person, Go In Spirit’.”

Peter Barney, co-founder of CBA Gin Co continues: “Marrakech and California Gins are just the start. There will be other exciting gins capturing the flavours of other wonderful places around the world, the next of which is likely to be launched later in 2021.”

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