Greenwich Gin brings London’s maritime legacy to life

Greenwich Gin

New London-based drinks business Greenwich Spirits Company is kicking off its product range with a gin.

Greenwich Gin has been designed with the London borough’s maritime legacy in mind, with aromas and flavours reminiscent of ocean travel.

The gin pairs dulse seaweed, kombu kelp and sea fennel sourced from around the British Isles with a global cast of botanicals, including tonka bean, pink pepper and lulo from South America, sakura (cherry) from Japan, and balsam fir from Canada.

Greenwich Spirits Company founder Gonz Ruiz claims he was inspired to create a gin during the UK’s coronavirus lockdown.

“This time gave me a totally new perspective on enjoying life,” he said. “Being a gin lover, I started making gin. This was a fun journey of curiosity and exploration and it quickly turned into an obsession and soon after, a profession! Leaving a lucrative career behind to make a living from distilling gin in a saturated market was not an easy decision.”

The multicultural nature of Greenwich Gin makes sense in the context of Ruiz’s travel-rich past: originally from Colombia, he has lived in eight countries across four continents, can speak four languages and holds five citizenships.

Ruiz continued: “Our flavour is a beautiful journey. Marine notes tell the story of ocean travel to discover intriguing coastal and land botanicals from different continents. Each botanical’s charm emerges at different parts of the flavour journey, each sip tells a story different from the previous one, yours to explore!”

He added: “The maritime legacy of Greenwich enabled safe navigation around the world and paved the way for a new era of culinary innovation that combines flavours and spices from different parts of the world,” said Ruiz. “However, Greenwich Meridian is much more than that, it is a global symbol of co-existence and collaboration, the entire world coming together to agree on time and space. Our gin seeks to revive that spirit of global inclusion.”

As a brand, Greenwich Gin aims to keep sustainability at its core. Its botanicals are foraged or sourced sustainably from small suppliers, and it has cut out plastics and other synthetic materials from its packaging in favour of natural cork and seals made from wood pulp. Also, for every bottle of Greenwich Gin sold, the Greenwich Spirits Company makes a donation to the Seahorse Trust to help fund maritime education and conservation projects.

Greenwich Gin (40% ABV) is available in 5cl, 50cl or 70cl bottles. Find out more at

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