New Welsh gin made from recycled coffee grounds

Grounds for Good London Dry Gin No.1

Pay attention, coffee fans: thanks to a Welsh company, you can now buy a gin made from recycled coffee grounds.

The spirit has been released by Grounds for Good, a lockdown project launched by doctor-turned-beauty entrepreneur Dr Rosie Oretti and fellow beauty expert Amy Adams.

Combining their love for coffee and belief in sustainable practices, the duo – who met while working for a vegan, cruelty-free beauty brand – made a range of body polishes and candles from repurposed coffee grounds before moving on to spirits. They source their grounds from independent coffee houses in Penarth.

Rosie led the distillation project, working with the Gower Gin Company near Swansea to create GFG London Dry Gin No.1. Despite being distilled from coffee, the spirit does not have a strong coffee flavour profile and is caffeine free.

“This is a cause close to my heart,” says Rosie, “and yes, I recognise the irony – I certainly did not envisage that I would be producing and selling alcohol in my future!”

She adds: “Going forward, in order to be part of the ‘GFG gang’ businesses will retail some or all of our products in return.”

Grounds for Good operates as a social enterprise and donates a proportion of its profits to The Wallich, a homeless charity where addiction psychiatrist Rosie is a trustee (although profits from the gin won’t go to this cause, as Rosie feels it wouldn’t be appropriate to donate profit from alcohol sales to a charity that supports people with drug and alcohol problems).

To find out more about the GFG London Dry Gin No.1, or to buy a bottle, go to

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  1. We love sustainable gin practices! Definitely one to try.

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