Cocktail of the Week: Glow Spritzer

Originally launched in time for World Gin Day, Caorunn Gin created a range of exclusive easy-to-executive cocktail recipes crerated by leading mixologist Walter Pintus.

One of those such cocktails is the Glow Spritzer, perfect for those with a sweet and sour taste preference and deliciously refreshing for the summer months and in particular those garden parties.

Perfect for those with both sweet and sour taste buds, this Glow Spritzer combines Caorunn Dry, Sippello English Aperitif, Pink Grapefruit Sherbet, zingy Meda Lime, and Elderflower CBD. Fashioned for stress-free sipping, you can expect a deliciously refreshing spritzer that is set to impress taste all your garden party guests this spring. 


  • 30ml Caorunn Dry
  • 15ml Sippello English Aperitif
  • 25ml Pink Grapefruit Sherbet
  • 30ml Meda Lime & Elderflower CBD 


Build in a highball glass over an ice column and garnish with fresh citrus wheels.

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