Co-founder of baby rhino orphanage acquires White Rhino Gin Company and Urban Rhino gin brand

Pete Richardson, the co-founder of the world’s first rhino orphanage, has acquired The White Rhino Gin Company and the Urban Rhino gin brand, in a move described as a remarkable union of conservation and craftsmanship.

Richardson co-founded The Rhino Orphanage with conservationist Arrie van Deventer following the 2012 headlines of the rhino poaching crisis while living in South Africa. He will remain as an active director, despite now living in the UK.

He met with Belinda Chaffer, the driving force behind Waterberg Rhino UK, who introduced him to the owners of The White Rhino Gin Company. Commenting on this meet, Richardson said: “When I met Belinda and the owners of the company, it felt like destiny. 

“We quickly realized the incredible potential to build a global brand with Urban Rhino gin while supporting the remarkable conservation efforts of both Waterberg Rhino UK and The Rhino Orphanage. I’m thrilled about the possibilities that lie ahead.”

Pete Richardson

As part of the acquisition, Richardson has secured a small stock to create an exclusive and individually numbered legacy batch. These limited-edition legacy bottles are now available to purchase through the Urban Rhino website.

One of Urban Rhino’s original founders John Heeds said on Richardson’s acquisition: “From our very first conversation I was struck by Pete’s passion and his links to rhino conservation made it a very easy decision to hand on the business to him and his team. 

“We are very proud of what we have already achieved but couldn’t be any more excited about what the future holds for the company which myself and our fellow founders are still actively involved with.”

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