Shakespeare Distillery launches new citrus gin

Shakespeare Distillery has announced the launch of a new limited edition Kaffir Lime & Orange Gin in time for summer, featuring a blend of refreshing citrus flavours.

The team at the independent artisan spirit producer have layered kaffir lime leaves, lime peel, orange peel and lemon thyme to give a depth of citrus flavours. Botanicals combined include almonds, ginger, black peppercorns, traditional juniper, coriander and orris. 

Simon Picken, Shakespeare Distillery’s director, commented on the release: “We’re delighted to launch our latest limited-edition Citrus Gin and add another Distillery Special to our portfolio of premium, handcrafted products. The Kaffir Lime & Orange Gin is the perfect refreshing drink to sip on a lovely warm summer evening!”

The new gin is available in three bottle options and retails at £34 for a 50cl bottle, £17.50 for a 20cl bottle and £6.50 for a 5cl bottle. They are available to purchase through the distillery’s online store, the distillery’s shop o at No. 1 High Street in Stratford-upon-Avon.

The brand has recommended that the gin be served with tonic water, ice and a wedge of lime, or, alternatively, shaking up into a White Lady cocktail.

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