Brad Pitt, Tom Nichol and Perrin Family announce launch of The Gardener Gin

Brad Pitt, Tom Nichol and the Perrin Family have announced the launch of The Gardener Gin, which will be officially presented at the Carlton during the 2023 Cannes Film Festival.

With 40 years of experience in gin production, former Tanqueray master distiller Nichol pursued his dream of creating the ‘ultimate’ London Dry Gin. The Gardener Gin is a return to the classic, said to combine both purity of flavour and elegance. The gin is produced using wheat in copper stills, with botanicals including juniper, licorice, angelica and coriander. The gin blends both fresh and dry citruses unconventionally, including pink grapefruit, bright lemon and sweet and bitter orange from Cap d’Antibes area.

The idea amassed from the long afternoons and evenings spent by Pitt and the Perrin family in the French Riviera, following the footsteps of the likes if Grace Kelly and The Rolling Stones as dreamers and artists who have sought the location.

Co-founder Matthieu Perrin commented: “The light of the French Riviera is a lifeblood. Here, in this place blessed by the gods, the earth is tended by The Gardener. The Gardener works in harmony with the shifts of the season, the exchange of warmth and cold, the pleasures of living well. With the wisdom of experience, the gift of intuition, the whim of experimentation, The Gardener builds a recipe that combines the mystery of nature with the pleasure of knowledge. The Gardener tends earth, time, all the while guarding a way of life that exists nowhere else in the world.”

Bottled at 42%, the London Dry Gin is 100% organic. More information can be found at its website, including recipe ideas for its three Gardener cocktails: Dry Martini; Negroni and Gin & Tonic.

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