Lind & Lime Gin awarded organic certification

Edinburgh based gin brand Lind & Lime has been awarded organic certification, further showcasing its sustainability commitments.

The brand has spent the last five years dedicated to using organic materials in all aspects of its production processes, in compliance with the Scottish Organic Producers Association.

Lind & Lime opened its 100% green powered distillery in Leith in May last year, with every bottle hand-labelled and every part of its packaging plastic-free.

The company behind Lind & Lime, Muckle Brig, was founded by Ian Stirling and Paddy Fletcher, who are also the team behind the UK’s first vertical distillery opening this summer.

Co-founder Fletcher commented: “As a company that is passionate about the environment, being certified organic certainly means a lot to us. We’ve always been organic – right from our very first bottle, but it’s great to now be fully certified. It is something we’ve been striving towards since we started producing our gin in 2018.

“Being organic is not only about the ingredients, it’s about the entire process, from sourcing the botanicals to packaging the final product. It is about taking a holistic approach to sustainability and ensuring that our product is as environmentally friendly as possible.” 

Co-founder Stirling added: “At Lind & Lime, we believe that it is crucial for spirits companies to prioritise organic production methods. Organic ingredients and farming practices are better for the environment, and consumers should be able to choose products that are produced sustainably. Organic farming practices promote biodiversity, soil health, and water conservation, which are essential for a healthy planet and its ecosystems.”

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