New tube map reveals London’s cheapest gin and tonic

New research conducted by mixer brand Lixir Drinks has revealed the cheapest locations close to London’s underground stations to order a gin and tonic, in the form of a traditional tube map.

The cheapest on the map can be found at The Huntley, near Euston Square Station, where Tanqueray and tonic costs £3.25. 

Across the river in the south, the cheapest found is a Beefeater and tonic for £6.10, located at The Ring near Southwark station.

The most expensive (of the cheapest) are the pubs nearest St Paul’s Station and The Courtfield at Earl’s Court Station, costing £10 each for a Beefeater and tonic or Bombay and tonic respectively.

Both of these brands were found to be the most common among the cheapest gins in zone one. Beefeater averaged a cost of £7.24, compared with £7.76 for Bombay.

Researching the methodology, Lixir co-founder Matt Mahatme commented: “As creators of our own tonic waters and mixers, we created this map because of our love for gin and tonic so we wanted to show people the ultimate pub crawl for gin and tonic day this year.

“To gather the data, we called the nearest pub to each tube stop in zone one and asked how much they charge for their cheapest gin and tonic, and what type of gin this is. Our research shows buying a gin and tonic at every pub on our map would set you back £365.65.

“The tube map of London is an iconic design, and we acknowledge that this is not an official tube map but instead a creative design by the Lixir team. We hope gin and tonic lovers enjoy our spin on zone one’s locations.”

For more information on this fascinating report, visit Lixir’s website.

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  1. It’s great to see Lixir Drinks’ new research showcasing the cheapest locations for a gin and tonic near London’s underground stations in the form of a traditional tube map. It’s fascinating to learn that Beefeater and Bombay are the most common brands among the cheapest gins in zone one. This map is a great resource for gin and tonic lovers looking to enjoy a pub crawl in London. Cheers to Lixir Drinks for this fun and informative project!

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