British gin exports bouncing back according to statistics

HMRC figures for 2022 have shown that the value of British gin exports has risen by £189.4 million, up by more than a third on 2021 export figures. At £730.9 million, the number exceeds 2019 pre-pandemic exports by 9%. The Gin Guild has crunched the numbers and provided in-depth graphs to better visually understand the increases.

All signs are pointing to a gin bounce back in the UK following the struggles of both the pandemic and Brexit.

Imports of gin into the UK are still down nearly a quarter on the 2019 figure, however the 2022 number has increased from the year before, too, up by 2%.

The USA remains the UK’s largest export market for gin, totalling more than £218 million, impressively a 6% increase on pre-pandemic levels.

Meanwhile, markets in South America are showing massive growth with Brazil, Argentina and Chile in particular performing strongly, with significant growth too in Asian, Eastern European, Middle Eastern and North African markets.

Exports to the EU, however, have fallen by 4% since 2019, with the biggest drops occurring in Spain and Ireland. The biggest falls in regards. to imports are also from the EU, too, said to be a lasting impact of Brexit.

The Gin Guild’s director general Pal Gleed said: “Despite the ongoing challenges of spiralling energy costs, price inflation, rising interest rates and the war in Ukraine, which all affect trading conditions, gin distillers have shown their resilience and their ability to innovate over the past three years. 

“The growth in exports reflects the quality, variety and reputation of British gin. Bartenders and restaurants want to serve it and consumers want to drink it, alongside the high-quality gins now being produced across the world. 

“These latest figures show the potential for gin sales to continue to grow around the world as the spirit gains market share from other drinks which have traditionally dominated in some countries.”  

Pal Gleed

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