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Desert Island Drinks: Miika Lipiäinen, Kyrö Distillery

Miika Lipiäinen is the co-founder and former long-standing CEO of Kyrö Distillery who has now embarked on a new business venture in London to drive the UK market forward. A long time whisky enthusiast, Miika found his way into the rye whisky industry in 2011 after a successful career in leadership roles and project work from multiple previous positions and has now found the the dream distillery team. Miika holds a master’s (m.Sc) in Economics and Business and loves to play building games, drumming and seeing Arsenal play when he is not working all things Kyrö. 

We asked Miika which gins he would take with him on our desert island…

Gin #1 Kyrö Gin

A desert island would be rough for a Finn. I’d definitely need a drink that reminds me of coming out of a sauna at 2 AM in late June, when the sun is still out and you can smell the birch leaves and meadow sweet, while downing a gin & tonic just for hydration – doesn’t that seem like a fabulous idea? The good thing is with Kyrö Gin, it is made with 100% rye and wild local botanicals, and is essentially a Finnish summer in a bottle. To the taste, it brings out herbal and sweet notes, birch and gentle citrus on the nose, and ends with notes of pepper of rye on the tongue. I would definitely have to take one of our gins. 

Gin #2 – Ki No Bi

I’ve fallen in love with Japanese food/drinks/agri-culture and there’s no better example of how to condense it into a drink. At least if you’re like me and cannot afford to drink Hibiki 17 as your everyday whisky anymore!

Gin #3 Beefeater Crown Jewel

The og Crown Jewel was the first really good, high strength gin I tasted in Finland back when I was a bit younger and there was no craft gin around yet. Left me with very few memories, but precious memories from that night. 

Gin #4 – Height of Arrows

Simple composition, complex taste, great Martini.

Gin #5 – Kyrö Pink Gin

Am I allowed ingredients for a Clover Club on the island? If yes, then definitely our pink has to come along for the ride.

Luxury Item

A proper Finnish trailer sauna. Many deserts get cold at night, right? Even if not, you always need a sauna – after all, that’s how Kyrö was founded. Five of us sat in a sauna and thought-up the idea to create the Kyrö everyone knows and loves today, whilst sipping on rye whisky. I think all the best ideas come from a sauna. 

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