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Friday Food Pairings: Silent Pool and Norbury Park Farm Cheese

In our first new regular feature, Friday Food Pairings, Silent Pool gin have partnered with Norbury Park Farm to create a delicious handful of gin and cheese pairings. Neighbours not only in location but in flavour too, both pride themselves on their quintessentially English products.

Below is five of the tasty combinations of Silent Pool gin cocktails and which cheese from Norbury Park Farm works best as a marriage on the palate:

The Silent Pool Gin & Tonic

Beginning with the simple, crisp and refreshing Gin & Tonic using the classic Silent Pool Gin. Its delicate floral notes work perfectly with Norbury Farm’s Dirty Vicar cheese, which is said to have a silkiness that compliments well.

Classic Martini

Experiment with iconic serves and indulge in a Silent Pool Gin Martini. Considered as a ‘naked serve’, meaning no vermouth is used at all, this unique concoction is the perfect finish to a bite of manchego cheese. 

The Silent Pool White Negroni

Silent Pool Gin’s botanical aromas are best brought out in a white negroni – stylish in aesthetic, punchy in taste. Serve the infamously bitter cocktail with a truffle cheese, specifically Truffle Dirty Vicar, as the earthy flavours delicately contrast the tangy and uplifting profile of the gin.

Green Man Gin

Herbaceous gins such as Green Man gin are best paired with a pungent Cornish blue, in this case the Norbury Blue Cheese. The bold character of this British blue highlights the dandelion and burdock aromas found in Green Man Gin. This combination is recommended for anyone who enjoys the pine aromas that the festive months bring. 

Honey, Gin and Cheese

It’s a little-known fact that Silent Pool’s local Albury honey is actually a key ingredient in creating both Silent Pool gin and Green Man gin. As well as being a component in the liquid, you can also use the naturally-sweet ingredient as an accompaniment to enhance cheese and gin too. The Silent Pool gin signature Bee’s Knees cocktail, including the secret honey water ingredient, is the ultimate partner to your family’s cheese board. 

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