Manly Spirits extends gin range with The Beaches

Australian liquor company Manly Spirits has announced the launch of its latest spirit, The Beaches, a limited-edition flavoured gin.

Its flavour has been described similar to that of a pina colada, combining mango, coconut and pine-n-line ice cream that’s said to be ideal for an Australian summer cocktail.

The gin is handcrafted in Manly using a blend of foraged marine and Australian native botanicals as well as traditional gin botanicals.

Generously, Manly Spirits will donate $5 of every sold bottle of The Beaches to the Australian Marine Conservation Society, the nations’ only charity dedicated solely to protecting ocean wildlife.

Creative Director of Manly Spirits, Vanessa Wilton, commented: “We set our sights on creating a gin that pushes the boundaries of deliciousness, and partnering with local artist Tegan Franks to create a label celebrating the quintessential summer flavours of mango, pineapple, and coconut and that captures the Aussie beach lifestyle, made perfect sense.”

The bottle’s label is created by Northern Beaches artist Tegan Franks, tasked with developing a summer vibe.

It marks the latest in the brand’s range of gins, which includes Lilly Pilly Pink and Australian Dry. 

Distillery manager David Richards added: “Making a full-flavoured gin perfect for tropical summer cocktails required extensive flavour development and recipe trialling. The Manly Spirits Distillery Gin School with it’s15 miniature stills came in handy as the laboratory used to figure out the best combination of distilled and infused tropical fruits, marine elements and traditional Aussie dry gin notes that worked to make this ‘Gin-a-Colada’.”

The Beaches gin is available to purchase here, with delivery nationwide. It’s priced at $95 per 700ml bottle.

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