Beefeater unveils Crown Jewel

Beefeater has unveiled Crown Jewel, a new London Dry gin expression inspired by the jewels housed in the Tower of London said to embody London’s timeless spirit.

Previously available as a limited-edition nearly 20 years ago, Crown Jewel’s liquid is an elevated version of the brand’s London Dry Gin recipe with. A heightened ABV of 50%. 

The bottle is ruby inspired, which once again draws on its crown jewels inspiration. It also pays tribute to Beefeater’s London heritage through incorporating the brick design element that has become so synonymous with other expressions across the Beefeater range.

Beefeater’s distiller, Desmond Payne MBE commented: “As an elevated expression of our house style, Beefeater Crown Jewel is one of my favourites within the portfolio due to its full, rounded and encompassing aroma and bartenders have been banging our door down to bring it back. To taste, you get fresh grapefruit-led citrus leading to the bolder kick of classic juniper at the crown. A long progression of warm spices and a hint of liquorice sweetness finish with a reminder of deeper citrus notes. The botanicals are beautifully balanced providing a long, complex flavours that excite the palate through to the finish. The higher alcohol strength of 50% ABV supports and lifts the delivery of the 10 botanicals.”

Murielle Dessenis, global brand director, added: “Beefeater Crown Jewel provides those looking for reassurance and status from established international brands with something extra special from Beefeater, the World’s Most Awarded Gin. By 2024, one in every three bottles of Premium Gin will be Super-Premium and it therefore made sense for us to consider bringing back our Ultra-Premium Gin from our archives that had previously been so well received by world renowned bartenders and connoisseurs. Beefeater’s most guarded gem is now reborn into a modern icon. The crème de la crème of London Dry Gin is back.”

Beefeater Crown Jewel is available from 11 November across 16 countries. More information can be found here.

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