57˚ Skye launches two small batch gin expressions

57˚ Skye has announced the launch of its first two small batch gin expressions, Earth and Sea gin and Earth and Sea Banyuls Cask Finished gin.

The two expressions are distilled, bottled and labelled on the Isle of Skye and crafted by Skye native Seumas Gorman. Trained by distiller Kris Dickenson, creator of Thomas Dakin Gin, Gorman is said to have embraced the use of unique local flavours, fusing botanicals, local seaweeds and kelps.

Earth and Sea gin marries local botanicals such as heather, blossom, rowan berry and yarrow, while the Cask Finished expression is distilled using the same botanicals as the London Dry gin, but finished in French oak casks previously containing Banyuls liquor.

The packaging is inspired by the island’s surroundings, including a textured white labels which represents the topography of the Isle of Skye. The use of 57˚ represents the GPS coordinates of the Isle of Skye. 

Founder Séamus Ó Baoighill said. “We are delighted to announce the launch of 57˚ Skye earth and sea gin and 57˚ Skye Banyuls Cask Finished Gin to consumers today.  Both gins are shaped by the island’s stunning surroundings and habitat and, whilst both are juniper-led London Dry Gins, the fusion of sea and earth botanicals gives them a modern twist which we hope will be enjoyed by gin lovers around the world.”

The producer has described Earth and Sea gin as having aromas of citrus, pine and sweet liquorice, with notes of floral heather and lavender on the palate. Cask Finished Gin meanwhile is described as having aromas of fresh lemon and lime with notes of spice and vanilla on the palate.

Both gins are available from 57˚ Skye’s website and at Master of Malt. Earth and Sea is bottled at 43% ABV and has an RRP of £40.99, meanwhile Cask Finished is bottled at the same ABV, but with a slightly higher RRP of £44.99.

Serving Suggestion

Jacobite Negroni


  • –  25ml 57˚ Skye earth and sea Gin
  • – 25ml Campari
  • – 25ml sweet vermouth

Fill a rocks glass with ice, add gin, Campari and vermouth and stir. Garnish with a slice of orange peel.

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