Jaffa Cake Gin to be sold in Morrisons

Atom Brands has announced that Jaffa Cake Gin will be available in Morrisons stores across the UK from 7 November.

Running in 488 Morrisons stores in total as well as their website, a promotion will run from 23 November which will reduce the price of the gin from £25 to £19.99. This offer will last for five weeks. 

To coincide with the move, Jaffa Cake Gin will be upgrading the packaging of its bottle. It’s said that it will reinforce the playful nature of the brand and a more “pop art” style. 

Global brand manager Hannah Burden-The commented: “Jaffa Cake Gin is like nothing else available, tapping into an unexplored in the category but nationally loved flavour – it is fun and different! We’ve focussed on simple serves such as the Jaffa Cake Spritz to appeal to an established audience and occasion.”

Jaffa Cake Gin
Jaffa Cake Gin

Jaffa Cake Gin previously appeared in an issue of Gin Magazine to glowing reviews from tasters Bethany Whymark and David T. Smith. The execution of its Jaffa cake flavour and how it balances with the gin base has been particularly praised.

More information on the expression can be found here.

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