Long Road Distillers introduces Sovereign Gin

Long Road Distillers has added a new spirit to its portfolio: Sovereign Gin. The gin has been handcrafted from start to finish at the distillery on Leonard Street, and is built from a botanical blend of juniper, lime peel, grapefruit peel, bay leaf and Thai basil. 

The gin is naturally coloured with butterfly pea flower and is said to change colour from bright pink to royal blue depending on the spirit’s acidity.

Kyle VanStrien, co-owner and co-founder of Long Road Distillers: “This is one of our most exciting spirit releases. The packaging and spirit colour alone is beautiful, but the flavour profile of the gin is what will hook enthusiasts.”

The botanical blend is based on a small batch of gin produced years ago at the distillery.

Co-owner and co-founder Jon O’Connor added: “The addition of butterfly pea flower as a natural colouring ingredient was a game changer for this spirit. In our minds, the colour changing effect when tonic or citrus is added brings the presentation of Sovereign Gin in line with the amazing flavour profile of the product. It may be our favourite gin ever, and that’s saying a lot up against the rest of our portfolio!”

Sovereign Gin is available by the bottle at Long Road Distillers tasting rooms, including at the distillery. Imperial Beverage has provided distribution throughout the state, and can be found at spirit retailers, bars and restaurants. The distillery is also providing featured cocktails which include the new release.

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