Gin Guild grows to 400 members as tenth anniversary celebrated

The Gin Guild has celebrated reaching 400 members around the world, coinciding with its tenth anniversary.

The new members, 25-strong, have come from all around the world, from the UK to Peru, India, Estonia, Norway, Sweden and Denmark. They were welcomed to the Guild at its autumn installation, which took place before the Annual Banquet of The Worshipful Company of Distillers.

Among the newest persons inducted are senior executives from Bacardi, Pernod Ricard and William Grant & Sons; founder of Denmark’s Nordic Gin House; the CEO of The Cotswolds Distillery and a significant figure from India’s Ñao Spirits and Beverage.

Aparajita Ninan (left) and Kulpreet Singh Sahni from ÑAO Spirits & Beverage with Grand Rectifier Lesley Gracie 

Director General of the guild, Pal Gleed, commented: “The international growth of the Guild and the number of excellent craft distillers joining our ranks demonstrate the wealth of innovation taking place in the industry and the benefits we can all gain by collaborating together to promote the versatility and excitement of the category.” 

Master Distiller of Junimperium Distillery OÜ, Aare Ormus, was installed as a Warden-nominated Rectifier. Co-founders of the Craft Gin Club, John Hulme and Jon Burke, were also among the new additions.

Junimperium Master Distiller Aare Ormus (left) from Estonia with Grand Rectifier Lesley Gracie and Junimperium co-founder Tarvo Jaansoo 

Hendrick’s Lesley Gracie added: “The role of the Guild has considerably expanded in recent years. This reflected increased pressures by beverage companies seeking to piggyback and trade on the good name of gin, a legally protected and defined category, often by gross mis-description, to sell non-gin products masquerading as gin. This expanded role has increased the Guild overhead, but to very good purpose. The Guild role now includes advice and enforcement.” 

For more information on the Gin Guild, visit its website here. The full list of inductees can be found below:

Installed as Wardens:

  • Jakob Vallentin, Founder and Managing Director, Nordic Gin House
  • Martin Tønder Smith, Sales Manager and Product Development Manager, Feddie Ocean Distillery AS. 

Founder Nominated Rectifiers:

  • Niall Mitchell, Head of Operations, Scotch Whisky & Gin, Bacardi
  • Natasha Curtin, Global Vice President, Bombay Sapphire, Bacardi
  • Ryan Wainwright, North American Brand Ambassador of Gins, Bacardi
  • Jon Gray, Global Brand Ambassador, Beefeater Gin, Pernod Ricard
  • Andy del Rosal, Vice President Liquid Innovation & Quality, Bacardi
  • Kevin Gillilan, Hendrick’s Gin Process Operator, William Grant & Sons
  • Áine McGrath, Hendrick’s Global Innovation Manager, William Grant & Sons. 
Kevin Gillilan (left) and Áine McGrath from Hendrick’s with Grand Rectifier Lesley Gracie 

Warden Nominated and/or Sponsored Rectifiers:

  • Aare Ormus, Master Distiller, Junimperium Distillery OÜ
  • Aparajita Ninan, Co-Founder, NÄO Spirits
  • Madeleine Axelsson, Global Brand Controller, No3 Gin, Berry Bros & Rudd
  • Magnus Ernstsson, Distiller, Hernö Gin
  • Victoria Muir-Taylor, Head Distiller, Feddie Ocean Distillery AS
  • Jeremy Parsons, Chief Executive Officer, The Cotswolds Distillery
  • Kulpreet Singh Sahni, Founding Director, ÑAO Spirits & Beverage
  • Sophie Best, Operations. Director, Silent Pool Distillers
  • Rhian Billington, Marketing Director, Silent Pool Distillers

Rectifiers installed in their own right were:

  • Jon Hulme, CEO and Co-Founder, Craft Gin Club
  • Jon Burke, Director and Co-Founder, Craft Gin Club
  • Patrick Krähenbühl, Owner, Liquitrade LLC
  • James Mowbray-Pratt, UK On-Trade Controller, Fever-Tree
  • Antonio Beneforti, Owner & Director, Strongwells Ltd
  • Alexander James, CEO/Founder, London to Lima Gin
  • Nathan Perry, Master Distiller, J. Rieger & Co
Jon Hulme (left) and Jon Burke, Co-founders of Craft Gin Club with Lesley Gracie. 

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