Cotswolds Distillery releasing Hedgerow Gin

The Cotswolds Distillery has announced its launching Hedgerow Gin, which is said to be inspired by the abundance of fruit and flora found in British hedgerows throughout Autumn.

The gin is made from juices of sloe, damson, blackberry, plum and elderberry, layered with the Cotswolds Dry Gin. A light sweetening is said to fulfil its fruity taste.

Bottled at 40.6%, its RRP is priced at £34.95. It’s currently available on the website, with no news on whether the expression will be sold in major UK stores in the same vein as its whisky yet.

Dan Szor, Founder and CEO of Cotswolds Distillery, says “We are thrilled to introduce Cotswolds Hedgerow Gin to our customers and to share a part of our beautiful Cotswolds countryside with the wider public. Steeped in flavour from blackberries, elderberries and plums, it is the perfect edition to the Cotswolds Gin range moving into the season of mellow fruitfulness.”

The expression is presented in a clear glass bottle, with its label decorated with British hedegrows and wild purple, blue and red berries.

Serving Suggestion

  •  50ml Cotswolds Hedgerow Gin
  • Classic Tonic water

Fill a large glass with ice, pour over a 50ml measure of Hedgerow gin and top with classic tonic water.

For more information on Hedgerow Gin and others available from Cotswolds Distillery, visit their website here.

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