Puerto de Indias launches Blackberry flavoured gin in the UK

Spanish gin brand Puerto de Indias has announced the launch of its Blackberry flavour in the UK.

Available from today, 19 October in the UK, the blackberry flavour had already launched in the Spanish market previously. The success of Puerto’s strawberry flavoured gin in the UK is a factor in its portfolio expansion.

The release is said to coincide with the increasing demand for autumnal and winter flavours, as the year enters its colder months.

Laura Noguera, Puerto de Indias’ global consumer director, commented: “After years of experience in this constantly evolving sector, we wanted to stay true to our innovative character and create this new flavour. With it, we hope to continue on our journey of revolutionizing the way gin is produced and keep delivering on the excellent taste we are known for.”

“We have already seen great success exporting our Puerto de Indias Strawberry gin from our Sevillian distillery to the rest of the world, and we are hoping to repeat that same success and strengthen the Spanish Spirit with our Blackberry flavour.”

Bottled at 37.5%, the producer has described the drink as having aromas of blackberry and violet caramel. Notes of wild black fruits are apparent on the palate, concluded with a smooth, fresh and dry finish.

Craig Chapman, head of brands at Amber Beverage UK, added: “I’m really excited about bringing the new Blackberry flavour to the UK consumer. Puerto de Indias, with its strawberry gin, is synonymous with flavour, so to be able to build on that with another incredible gin that allows us to broaden our range and offer a more autumnal offering is a great step forwards for the brand. We’re seeing excellent growth this year, and the addition of Blackberry will only help us accelerate even faster.

Serving suggestion

  • 5cl Puerto de Indias Blackberry
  • 20cl Seven Up or Tonic
  • Blackberries

Fill the glass with ice and swirl to chill the glass. Discard the remaining water. Place several natural blackberries in the cup. Add the gin and pour either 7up or Tonic, while stirring gently with a spoon. 

For more information on this expression and other expressions available in the UK, visit their website.

A distillery focus on Puerto de Indias is coming very soon and will be available to read here on Gin-Mag.

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