Ukiyo Japanese Blossom Gin arriving at Sainsbury’s

Premium spirits brand Ukiyo has announced that its Blossom gin is heading to Sainsbury’s stores, including availability through its website.

Ukiyo Blossom Gin is created in Kagoshima, with a harvest of barley distilled into a traditional Japanese shōchū spirit. It is then redistilled using key botanicals and the fragrance of Sakura flower. The result is said to celebrate Japan’s bounty of blossom.

The gin is presented in a two-colour bottle inspired by the mountains and oceans of Japan.

Speaking on the move, CCO of Kirker Greer Spirits, John Soden, commented: “We are delighted to partner with Sainsbury’s to bring this unique expression directly to the consumer in the UK. Ukiyo has proven to be a huge hit with both trade customers and consumers in international markets and we look forward to hearing the feedback from Sainsbury’s customers.” 

The brand’s range also includes Ukiyo Yuzu Gin, which is distributed internationally exclusively through Kirker Greer Spirits. Availability covers Finland, Germany, Netherlands and Australia as well as the United Kingdom.

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