Procera announces annual vintage releases of Red Dot and Green Dot

Kenyan gin distiller Procera has announced the latest annual vintage release of its Red Dot and Green Dot gins. A limited number of just 300 bottles of each will be available in the UK from October. They have an RRP of £95 and £115 respectively.

Distilled in the capital city of Nairobi, both bottles use fresh Juniperus Procera harvested from the Kenyan Highlands. The vintage expressions are said to showcase the terroir of the area as well as the subtle variations that climate conditions have. 

Red Dot 2022 Vintage is bottled at an ABV of 51%. The expression uses oyster shell, locust bean, seaweed, tea, mace, myrrh, honey, orange, lemon and coriander as supporting botanicals.

Green Dot Vintage 2022 meanwhile is bottled at a slightly lower ABV of 47%. Recommended as the base of a dry martini, the expression uses solely single-vintage botanicals, as well as an increased proportion of tree foliage and toasted wood.

Both liquids have been described as offering earthy and nutty flavour notes on the palate, with the aim of representing the terroir and birthplace of the gins.

Sustainability is also said to be something of great importance to Procera. The distillery, since its launch, has planted 15,000 Procera trees in the Kenyan highlands. Other methods include utilising only recycled glass, collaborating closely with local farmers and artisans, and building long term partnerships which benefit the communities and create jobs.

More information on each of the expressions can be found on the Procera website, which also includes an area to purchase the gins from wherever you’re located.

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