Stuzzi launches Per Negroni gin

Michelin Guide-rated Italian restaurant Stuzzi has released its first spirit, in partnership with distillery Liquor Studios. 

Named Per Negroni Gin, the purpose of the gin is to be specifically used in a Negroni cocktail. It’s been distilled with botanicals to bring out the definitive Negroni flavours.

The gin is available to buy through the official Stuzzi website at an RRP of £39 for a 70cl bottle.

The Yorkshire-based Italian restaurant was founded by Jimbob Phillips, Nick Harvey, Brett Lee and Tom Pierson in 2014. Stuzzi has spent four consecutive years in the Michelin guide and five years in The Good Food Guide. It’s evident that the four are well versed in Italian ingredients and its uses.

The group were huge fans of a ‘red and green’ (Negroni and Peroni), and the group had time to think and ponder their Negroni venture during lockdown.

Phillips, co-founder and director of Stuzzi, said: “The uncertainty of Covid not only brought us a lot of time to drink but also to think. Realising how vulnerable the service industry is to lockdowns, we used the time to turn our attention to how we can diversify and protect the business. While supping lockdown negroni after lockdown negroni we started thinking about we could perfect this ruby red nectar and the idea for the first Stuzzi gin was born.”

“Our gin lifts the negroni, rather than working against it. A negroni made with Stuzzi Gin isn’t a twist on a classic, it’s turning the volume up. It almost softens the initial bitter punch, making a dangerously drinkable cocktail with layers of flavour. It’s our best interpretation of the classic. And we think it’s a game changer for negroni lovers…a bitter, sweet, symphony.”

Next week marks Negroni Week, organised by Campari. There a variety of tasty Negroni cocktail recipes available at Gin Magazine. Last years highly recommended cocktails included a Negroni, Royal Negroni, Boulevardier, Kokomo, White Negroni, Negroni Sbagliato and Sloe-groni. The celebration of the cocktail takes place between 12-18 September.

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