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Desert Island Drinks: Miranda Hayman, Hayman’s

Miranda Hayman, from Hayman's Gin

Miranda Hayman is part of the distilling dynasty behind Hayman’s Gin in London. The distillery was founded by her great-great grandfather James Burrough in 1863, and the Hayman family has been in the distilling business ever since. Miranda and her brother James are now at the helm of Hayman’s Gin, having taken over from their father Christopher.

We asked Miranda which gins she’d be taking to our desert island.

Gin #1: Hayman’s Gin 

As family gin distillers, this has to be the gin that I always drink! Our London Dry is always my go-to for an end of week G&T and I always feel such happiness and pride whenever I see a bottle in a shop or behind a bar both in the UK and further afield. I do feel so fortunate to be part of my family heritage. 

Gin #2: Burrough’s Old Tom Gin 

Back in 2005, my brother James and I were visiting our importer in Japan and he took us to a small speakeasy bar – it had an old bottle of Burrough’s Old Tom which we were lucky enough to try. Gin was becoming increasingly talked about amongst bartenders and we were being asked if we could use our family recipe to bring back this lost style to make authentic gin cocktails. It was this moment that gave us the confidence and inspiration to launch Hayman’s Old Tom.

Gin #3: Altitude Alpine Dry Gin 

The boom of new gins and craft distilling over the past 10–15 years has completely changed the gin landscape and given it such energy and vibrancy. Altitude gin, from the Alpine resort of Chamonix, is a great example and combines both classic and mountain botanicals – bringing the Alps to your home. 

Cocktail: Sloe Royale

It has to be a Sloe Royale. Pour 25ml Hayman’s Sloe Gin into a flute and top up with sparkling wine. So easy to make and always a crowd-pleaser!

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