Atian Gin celebrating South African flora launches in US

Atian Gin

New gin brand Atian is bringing the flavours of South Africa to drinkers in the US.

The vapour-distilled dry gin includes 13 botanicals from South Africa including rooibos, buchu (a native shrub with medicinal properties), cubeb, African ginger, almond, rose geranium, coriander, lemon and liquorice.

Atian’s producers say the gin is inspired by “the connection formed between two sides of the world”, between the Atlantic and Indian Oceans, and that it “offers an authentic glimpse into South Africa’s incredible flora”.

Atian Gin, which is distilled with South African botanicals
Atian Gin, launched in the US, is distilled with South African botanicals

The company also supports sustainability in the area from which is sources its botanicals: Fynbos (meaning ‘fine plants’ in Afrikaans), a biodiverse belt of vegetation through the Western and Eastern Cape provinces in South Africa.

Atian has partnered with FynbosLIFE, a non-profit organisation based in Cape Town that protects local plant species through educational opportunities, rehabilitation projects and a conservation nursery.

Atian Gin (43% ABV) launches in bars and restaurants in South Florida and drinks retailers in Miami. It will also be available online through Passion Spirits with shipping to 40 US markets.

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