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World Gin Day: How to create the perfect G&T

Five colorful gin tonic cocktails in wine glasses on bar counter

This World Gin Day, we wanted to some time to celebrate the most iconic of gin drinks: the gin and tonic. Technically, the G&T is a cocktail (it falls into the ‘highball’ family), but its simple nature means it is one of the most versatile – especially given the variety of gins and tonics are nowadays!

We asked the founders of premium mixer brand Double Dutch, Joyce and Raissa de Haas, to explain how to craft the best gin and tonic.

Gin and tonic in a glass with garnish

1. Choosing your glass

From the copa de balon (balloon) to the highball to the tumbler, it is always hard deciding what sort of glass best suits your favourite gin and tonic tipple. But does it really matter? Absolutely! 

Your choice of gin glass is a fantastic way to maximise the taste, smell and experience of your favourite drink. 

  • The Copa de Balon (balloon)

This is best for a classic gin and tonic, especially those using gins with strong citrus and botanical notes, as the spherical shape opens the beautiful aromas of the drink. The bowl also holds heaps of ice and garnish for a flashier-looking tipple. 

  • The Highball Glass

Another great glass for a classic gin and tonic or more adventurous gin cocktails with flavoured non-alcoholic mixers accompanied with crushed ice, keeping your drink cool and carbonated.

  • The Tumbler

Traditionally used for short drinks, tumblers are back in fashion for the modern, classy gin drinker. The tumbler is suited to a wide range of gin cocktails to sip and savour through a long evening.

Double Dutch Pomegranate and Basil tonic water

Matching your G to the T

Long gone are the days of amazing gins accompanied by bland, flavourless tonics. Mixers and tonics should be used to complement your gin of choice, bringing out the best flavours and aromas possible.

Double Dutch is mixing up the category (pun intended) by combining unique flavour combinations in its premium mixers to match and elevate your favourite gins with a broadened horizon of G&T combinations.

Here are some of our favourite gin and Double Dutch mixer pairings: 

  • The Classic

Sapling Gin and Double Dutch Indian Tonic Water is a perfectly refined G&T classic. With hints of citrus grapefruit and juniper alongside perfected effervescence, this classic is perfectly paired with cucumber. For those looking for something a bit lighter, try the Double Dutch Skinny Tonic Water instead. 

  • Pomegranate & Basil Bonanza

Mirabeau Dry Rosé Gin with Double Dutch Pomegranate & Basil Soda is a flavour explosion with a hit of basil and subtle notes of pomegranate to elevate the botanical flavours of the Mirabeau Gin. 

  • Cranberry & Ginger G&T

Sapling Gin with the Double Dutch Cranberry & Ginger tonic is the perfect balance of fruity and spice. The subtle kick of ginger gives a smoothness to the dry gin and it is perfect garnished with a slice of ginger for an extra kick. 

A selection of gin and tonics with different garnishes for International Gin and Tonic Day

Choosing your garnish 

Like tonics, a boom in gin popularity has accelerated innovative and interesting garnishes to take your gin to the next level. 

Garnishes really are the cherry on top when it comes to craft G&T making. Not only do you want your gin to look great, but your garnish should enhance the flavours in your tipple of choice.

When it comes to garnishes, we recommend being adventurous and exploring your own new flavour combinations. From citrus wheels to dehydrated fruits, the world really is your oyster.  

Double Dutch gin and tonic cocktail garnished with watermelon and lime

Choosing the right drink for the right event 

Whether you are hosting 10 or 100, flavour and quality never need be compromised. Double Dutch is here to save the day with its range of mixer flavours, ensuring no guest is left unsatisfied (or thirsty). 

Want to keep the vibes going an intimate soirée? We recommend serving your favourite G&T combo in a 1:2 ratio, in a tumbler, topped with your favourite fresh garnish. Let your guests sip away and marvel at the beautiful aromas and flavours at the forefront of your creation. 

Bigger, louder party? Not a problem. Keep the crowd going with a 1:3 G&T ratio in a highball or copa glass topped with some pre-batched or dried garnishes for a perfect blend of fragrant gin and tonic bitterness. 

Top tips

Our favourite tip to take your G&T to the next level is frozen fruit. Not only does it replace the boring and copious presence of ice, but frozen fruit is also a fun way to keep your drink cold without diluting those delicious flavours! 

Seasonal fruits are another great addition to a G&T experience. We recommend oranges and grapefruits in the winter for a comforting tipple or berries and cherries in the summer to freshen up a hot summer’s day!

Find some of Joyce and Raissa’s favourite cocktail recipes at

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