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Boulder Spirits – New Western Style Gin

Boulder Spirits New Western Style Gin

Boulder Spirits

New Western Style Gin

Vapor Distillery

ABV: 47.0%
Country: US
Style: Classic 
Price per bottle: £21-40
Availability: US, Canada

David T. Smith

A light nose, but perhaps it is a little more closed because of the higher ABV: faint wisps of juniper, lemon, and orris.

Full of flavour with coriander and spicy cassia bark. It’s an oily gin with a texture that coats the mouth and tongue. It’s also on the spicy side, backed up by citrus, but the balance is good and, overall, the spirit has a pleasant plumpness.

Bready notes come through, as well as sweet spice.

A oily, well-made gin that would pair well with ginger ale in a Gin Buck.



Bethany Whymark

Quite shy at first, but with time, juniper and powdered spice notes emerge alongside a little citrus peel. A slight woody, savoury note in the back, like truffle.

Very, very light umami mushroom at first, then glacé cherry, orange, angelica, and slightly oily juniper, accompanied by caramel milk chocolate.

Leaves a drying warmth with notes of juniper, orange oil and faint milk chocolate.

The sweetness in this gin could work in a creamy cocktail, such as an Alexander.



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