Desert Island Drinks Interview

Desert Island Drinks: Ian Hart, Sacred Spirits

Sacred Spirits co-founder and distiller Ian Hart

Natural sciences graduate and former Wall Street trader Ian Hart founded Sacred Spirits in 2008 with partner Hilary Whitney. The company was an early pioneer of vacuum distillation; Ian began experimenting with his first liquid love, wine, before moving on to gin. Sacred now has an extensive range of vacuum-distilled gins, including Juniper, Coriander, Orris, Cardamom, Old Tom and Christmas Pudding expressions. The distillery in Highgate, London also produces vodka, vermouths and liqueurs.

We cast Ian off to our desert island and asked which three gins and a cocktail he’d take with him.

Gin #1: Sacred Gin

Obviously this has a very special place in my heart as it was the very first gin I created. It’s also incredibly versatile – fresh enough for a G&T, smooth enough for a Martini and bold enough for a Negroni.

Gin #2: Green Hat Gin

I was given a bottle of this by an American who was visiting Highgate as he was a huge fan of The Kinks (The Archway Tavern in Highgate, which is one of our customers, features on the cover of The Kinks’ album Muswell Hillbillies). The freshness of this gin reminds me of my early attempts at distilling gin.

Gin #3: Gordon’s Gin

Gordon’s is most people’s first experience of gin. I have a bottle that dates back to 1948 and I love the idea of drinking the actual liquid people would have been making their G&Ts and cocktails with back then.

Cocktail: Sacred Negroni

A Negroni made with Sacred Gin, Sacred Rosehip Cup and Sacred English Spiced Vermouth – a.k.a The Complete English Negroni.

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