Cocktail of the week: Mirabeau’s Rosé Negroni

Vault x Mirabeau Rosé Negroni

French winemaker Mirabeau showed us a new way to enjoy pink gin in 2020 with the launch of its Mirabeau Dry Rosé Gin. Now, the Provence-based producer has partnered with English company Vault Vermouth to produce a rosé vermouth!

The Vault x Mirabeau Rosé Vermouth is fortified with Mirabeau’s rosé gin and features southern French aromatics including pink pepper, fig, rose petal, lemon, and a homemade blend of ‘herbes de Provence’.

Mirabeau and Vault suggest serving their gin and vermouth together in a Rosé Negroni. This crisp, refreshing take on the classic is ideal for warm days!

Rosé Negroni


  • 35ml Mirabeau Dry Rosé Gin
  • 35ml Vault x Mirabeau Rosé Vermouth
  • 15ml bitters (such as Campari)


Pour the ingredients into a rocks glass and stir gently. Take a long peel of orange zest, wipe it around the rim of the glass and pinch the peel over the drink to express a little oil over it.

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