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The A-Z of Gin: F is for… Foraging

Noble fir tips and bladderwrack seaweed foraged by Crafty Distillery in Scotland

We’ve dedicated space to the practicalities of spirit production in the last few instalments of our A-Z. Now, it’s time to take a look at botanicals – in particular, foraged ones!

Foraging for botanicals is a popular pastime among some modern craft distillers, who want to bring a real ‘taste of home’ to their gins. These can range from seaweed varieties on the coast, to pine needles and berries in forested areas, to unusual herbs, flowers and even fungi in meadows and woodland.

It is an exciting trend for a few reasons: it builds a closer link between distillers and their surroundings; it can introduce us to exciting new ingredients that may not have found a home with commercial suppliers; and it builds a greater awareness of the environmental impact of gin making, and a greater appreciation of the work of farmers who produce and harvest botanicals around the world.

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