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Manchester Gin – Mother of Pearl

Manchester Gin Mother of Pearl

Manchester Gin

Mother of Pearl

The Spirit of Manchester Distillery

ABV: 42%
Country: England
Style: Contemporary
Price per bottle: £21-40
Availability: UK

David T. Smith

Prominent saline and a touch of ozone; it’s coastal in nature, with a bold minerality and distinctive notes of shellfish and seaweed.

The taste is more green and leafy, causing the marine quality to subside. Samphire and smoky, savoury notes, all with a measured oiliness.

Rather soft with an earthy dryness and a minerality that is reminiscent of salt.

ts coastal character will not be for everyone, but the right application could make a characterful drink: perhaps a Red Snapper or Dirty Martini?



Bethany Whymark

A huge, bracing wash of the sea, with juicy shellfish sweetness. Dill, leafy coriander and lemon. Touches of woody pine and spice.

Beautiful oily texture. The shellfish and seaside notes are toned down to reveal more juniper, citrus and sweet spice notes, with a little liquorice.

A refreshing finish with a touch of salinity, juicy lemon wedges and slightly waxy juniper.

This bold coastal gin isn’t for the fainthearted, but I bet it would make a sublime Martini.



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