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Boulder Spirits – Navy Strength Gin

Boulder Spirits Navy Strength Gin

Boulder Spirits

Navy Strength Gin

Vapor Distillery

ABV: 57%
Country: US
Style: Navy Strength
Price per bottle: £21-40
Availability: US, Canada

David T. Smith

Notably classic in style, this has lots of juniper, angelica, coriander and citrus.

An array of spiciness upfront, along with the sweetness of anise and gingerbread, highlighted by notes of cinnamon and cassia. Unexpected, but lovely notes of lemon shortbread and pepper spice then develop.

Sweet floral and fruity notes of violets and a lovely earthiness, with a sparkle of pine and a gentle warmth.

Plenty going on and good alcohol integration; perfect for a powerful gin and tonic.



Bethany Whymark

Zingy orange zest, juniper, and
a hit of warming spice, like a botanical ginger beer. Touch of woody sweetness.

More sweet orange, with ginger nut biscuits, liquorice and a leafy tarragon note. Good juniper character, with a slight hint of crayon to it.

A warm, spicy tingle with more green hints of pine and anise-like herbs.

It wears its strength very lightly. It would make a mighty fine Negroni with those spicy and woody notes, but proceed with caution here!



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