Meet Elephant Gin’s new more eco-friendly bottle

Elephant Gin's new lighter-weight bottle

Elephant Gin has unveiled a new “eco bottle” as it pushes closer to its goal of becoming a net zero company.

The new plastic-free bottle is 15 per cent lighter than its predecessor, and the proportion of recycled glass used to make the bottles has been increased from 15-20 per cent to 60-70 per cent. Elephant Gin estimates that the changes will reduce its annual carbon footprint by 60 tons.

The distillery has kept its distinctive bottle design – with an embossed coat of arms, handwritten labels and maps of Africa – and is still hand-filling each bottle at its distillery in Germany.

Elephant Gin was founded on an environmentally conscious platform. It works with a number of elephant conservation charities in Africa, donating 15 per cent of its profits to these partners to help them protect local elephant populations. To date, Elephant Gin has raised more than €1 million for African elephant conservation.

Elephant Gin's new bottle on location in Africa
Elephant Gin’s new bottle on location in Africa

Tessa Gerlach, who co-founded Elephant Gin with husband Robin, said: “Climate neutrality can only be achieved by taking a common path, from the glass manufacturer to the beverage producer and right through to the consumer. Being sustainabile is a shared responsbility. This is the key to reducing emissions and thus preventing global warming.”

Elephant London Dry Gin features African botanicals including baobab, buchu and lion’s tail, as well as apples sourced from orchards around the distillery. The distillery’s core range also includes Sloe Gin, Orange Cocoa Gin, and a navy strength expression, Elephant Strength Gin.

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