Shed 1 Distillery launches gin made with chuckleberries

Shed 1 Chuckleberry Gin

Shed 1 Distillery is launching a vibrantly coloured – and flavoured – gin using a unique British fruit: the chuckleberry.

Chuckleberry Gin is made using its namesake fruit, which is a hybrid of redcurrant, gooseberry and jostaberry (itself a hybrid of gooseberry and blackcurrant). As well as imparting a unique flavour, the British-bred berry gives the gin a deep pink colour.

Shed 1 owners Andy and Zoe Arnold-Bennett created the gin in a bathtub style (where botanicals are added via maceration rather than distillation). They say this method has helped them to preserve more of the fruit’s natural colour.

As well as chuckleberry, the new gin includes meadowsweet and hyssop as botanicals. Andy and Zoe say these ingredients add herbal notes that complement the flavour of the berries.

Shed 1 Chuckleberry Gin (40% ABV) is available directly from, priced at £29.95 for a 500ml bottle or £9.95 for a 100ml bottle.

Founded in Ulverston in the Lake District in 2016, Shed 1 produces another six gins in small batches. These include Giggle in the Ginnel, Festive Tipple and Cuckold’s Revenge. The distillery is also home to Cumbria’s only “make your own gin” experience.

Shed 1 Chuckleberry Gin and Ulverston Hoad Monument
Shed 1 Chuckleberry Gin and Hoad Monument

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