Adnams launches Smidgin – a spirit for lower-alcohol G&Ts

Adnams Smidgin with copper measuring spoon

Suffolk brewer and distiller Adnams is adding something new to the no- and low-alcohol drinks market with Smidgin, “the little gin that is big on taste”.

The new release is timed to coincide with Dry January, when many people are abstaining from alcohol in the name of health, charity, or a break from booze after festive indulgences.

Smidgin is created in the same way as all of Adnams’ gins: a distillery wash of 100 per cent East Anglian malted barley is distilled into vodka, then redistilled with botanicals including juniper, sweet orange peel, hibiscus flower and cardamom pods, but with an increased intensity.

At 50% ABV, Smidgin is stronger than your typical gin, but its more intense botanical flavour means only a tiny measure is needed. Each 200ml bottle comes with a 2.5ml copper spoon, the recommended measure (around 10 times smaller than a standard gin measure).

Adnams says Smidgin is an ideal option for drinkers who want to enjoy the flavour profile of its gins, but with a fraction of the alcohol. It recommends serving a 2.5ml measure with around 200ml of tonic water, garnished with orange zest.

Smidgin follows in the footsteps of products such as Hayman’s Small Gin and the Cotswolds Dry Gin Essence, both of which have a “gin-strength” ABV but a highly concentrated flavour. With such liquids, less really is more.

John McCarthy, head distiller at Adnams, said: “The team and I are very excited about Smidgin. It is a new concept for us at Adnams, but one we feel is bound to be a hit. The number of botanicals in the gin means that the quality and flavour is uncompromised in this low-strength serve – something our customers are always on the lookout for.

The trend for low/no is here to stay so we must continue to look for ways to build on quality choices for our loyal customers. As soon as the team here tried it, there was no going back for us!”

Adnams Smidgin is available to buy online at and in Adnams retail stores from 6 January, priced at £26 for a 200ml bottle.

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