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Revealed: Our 21 top-rated gins of 2021

Hayman's Exotic Citrus G&T

In each issue of Gin Magazine, our tasters set their noses and palates to work on a selection of spirits to give their verdict on each – and find the best of the bunch. Each issue, a select few of these blind-tasted gins are chosen for the Gin Magazine Recommended badge, and the highest scorer is named Editor’s Choice.

To help you in the search for your next tipple, we’ve looked back through this year’s issues of Gin Magazine to find the top-scoring gins of 2021. We’d also love to hear your favourites: you can contact us via email, on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

Editor’s Choice gins of 2021

Martin Miller’s Winterful Gin

Martin Miller's Winterful Gin

This was our first Editor’s Choice gin of 2021, delighting our tasters with its citrus and earthy spice notes. David called it a “delicious gin with a complex but balanced character”.

Eagle One Bright Summer Gin

Eagle One Bright Summer Gin

This Cornish gin possesses a heady red berry character alongside notes of resinous juniper. It won high praise from David, who called it “exceptional” and “delightfully nuanced”.

Hayman’s Exotic Citrus Gin

Hayman's Exotic Citrus Gin

This contemporary-style gin from captured our tasters’ hearts, eliciting praise for its nuanced citrus notes and soft, delicate texture.

Modern Lover Reserve Gin

Modern Love Reserve Gin

This gin was not only an Editor’s Choice, but also our highest scorer of the year. David called it a “superb aged gin”, while Bethany said it was “beautifully composed” with a “skilfully light” barrel influence.

Top Recommended gins of 2021

Animal Spirits GIN01 – The Rabbit

Animal Spirits - GIN01 - The Rabbit

This gin impressed our tasters with its bold classic gin flavours, including piney juniper, woody angelica and warming spice, and its silky texture.

Cambridge Distillery Three Seasons Gin

Cambridge Distillery Three Seasons Gin

This gin was praised for its flavours of fragrant herbs, cedar wood, warming spice, orange citrus and sappy pine. David felt it would make a first-class Old Fashioned.

Durham Cask Aged Gin

Durham Cask Aged Gin

Both Bethany and David said this spirit was an excellent example of an aged gin, with soft oak influence and notes of caramel, ginger and red fruits.

Gin-Hude London Dry Gin

Gin-Hude London Dry

Big notes of cocoa, leafy mint, dark fruits and nutty coriander characterised this German gin. Bethany called it “smooth and sippable”, while David said had a great level of intensity.

G’Vine Nouaison Réserve

G'Vine Nouaison Gin Réserve

This aged gin was commended for its well-balanced wood character, alongside jammy vine fruit and berry notes and warming ginger and nutmeg spice. David labelled it “extremely sippable”.

Holyrood Distillery Height of Arrows Gin

Holyrood Distillery Height of Arrows Gin

With its clean texture and well-balanced classic flavours, this gin was a hit with our tasters. David said it “ticked all the boxes” of a classic gin, while Bethany felt it would make a “mighty fine” Martini.

In the Welsh Wind Signature Style

In the Welsh Wind Signature Style

Bethany called this gin a joy, with “a lovely mouthfeel and lots of nuances to explore”, while David praised its “complex array” of woody spice notes.

Inverroche Fynbos Collection: Classic Gin

Inverroche Fynbos Collection Classic Gin

Fruity sweetness, lively citrus and exotic leafy notes came to the fore in this South African gin. David called it “intense and flavoursome”, while Bethany said its flavours were delightful.

Junimperium Winter Edition Gin

Junimperium Winter Edition Gin

This Estonian gin impressed with notes of dried fruits, pine, and lingonberry, its starring botanical, which David said had been represented with excellence and complexity.

Langley’s London Dry Gin

Langley's London Dry Gin

Our tasters enjoyed the earthy and Christmassy spices and clean juniper notes in this gin. Bethany noted its “light and velvety” texture, while David recommended it for a festive gin and tonic.

Masons of Yorkshire Pink Grapefruit and Cucumber Gin

Masons of Yorkshire Pink Grapefruit and Cucumber Gin

Its leafy herbal and cucumber notes, peppery spice and sweet citrus earned this summery gin a Recommended badge.

Portobello Road Celebrated Butter Gin

Portobello Road Celebrated Butter Gin

This unusual gin was a stand-out for our tasters. Both praised its superbly smooth and luxurious texture and its well-balanced classic gin flavours, agreeing it would make a peerless Martini.

Prohibition Gin Navy Strength

Prohibition Gin Navy Strength

This navy-strength Australian gin won points for its oily juniper and zesty citrus notes and its skilful alcohol integration. David said it was “simply splendid”.

River Mentana Venetian Dry Gin

River Mentana Venetian Dry Gin

This London dry-style gin won over our tasters with its varied floral and bright piney notes, alongside earthy sweetness.

Saint Amans Original Gin

Saint Amans Original

With abundant fragrant and floral notes, David said this was a “well-balanced and graceful” gin with excellent alcohol integration that could be enjoyed neat.

Stranger & Sons Gin

Stranger & Sons Indian Spirited Gin

This spicy, citrusy gin found favour among our tasters. David praised its “brilliantly complex” nose and its “silky smooth” texture, while Bethany declared it to be “beautifully balanced and flavoured”.

York Gin Grey Lady

York Gin Grey Lady

Our tasters both commended the delicate tea character in this gin, along with its complex floral and citrus notes and its mouth-filling texture.

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