The Botanist releases Plant Conservation Edition gin

The Botanist Plant Conservation Edition gin

The Botanist is supporting plant biodiversity around the world with its new Plant Conservation Edition gin.

A stunning new floral pack has been designed for the limited-edition gin, which is raising money for Botanic Gardens Conservation International (BGCI), a charitable organisation that safeguards endangered plant species through a global network of 20 botanic gardens.

At the heart of the Plant Conservation Edition’s bottle design are rare flora that the project is helping to save, including cloud forest orchids in Mexico and cinnamon trees in India.

Pour a cocktail with The Botanist Plat Conservation Edition gin
Mixing a socially conscious cocktail

The special-edition bottle contains The Botanist’s original Islay Dry Gin, made with 22 locally foraged botanicals and distilled at the island’s Bruichladdich distillery.

Bruichladdich is one of only a few distillers globally to hold B Corp certification, which denotes high standards of environmental and social performance. In 2015, the distillery set up The Botanist Foundation to promote sustainability, biodiversity and conservation. The foundation has since funded local and international projects including the Global Botanic Garden Fund, supporting smaller gardens in developing countries and biodiversity hotspots.

Douglas Taylor, Bruichladdich Distillery Company CEO, said: “Biodiversity is at the heart of The Botanist. Our botanicals are hand-foraged sustainably to protect our Hebridean home, so we understand a little of the work that the BGCI is doing globally to protect the world’s biodiversity. The partnership is a deep-rooted and important one that gives us all a chance to leave a positive legacy.”

At the launch of The Botanist Plant Conservation Edition gin at Kew, London
At the launch of The Botanist Plant Conservation Edition gin at Kew, London

The Botanist Plant Conservation Edition is on sale now at the, priced at £37 for a 700ml bottle. Just 5,000 bottles will be available; for each one sold, £5 will be donated to the BGCI.

Its release marks the start of a three-year partnership between The Botanist and the BGCI, which is based at Kew in London. The organisation’s general secretary, Dr Paul Smith, said: “Our partnership with The Botanist is an exciting and vital one that puts our mission in the homes and on the bars of gin lovers across the globe. Every moment we’re making strides towards our biodiversity goals, but with the support of The Botanist, those strides get bigger and more purposeful every day.”

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