Canaïma Gin in Amazon rainforest tree-planting pledge

Canaïma Gin serve on a bar with sliced grapefruit

South American distiller Canaïma Gin is aiming to plant thousands more trees in the Amazon rainforest in partnership with a local non-governmental organisation (NGO).

Two and a half years after its global launch, the gin brand – which sources 10 of its 19 botanicals in the forest with the help of local communities – has reiterated its commitment to supporting reforestation with Colombian NGO Saving the Amazon.

Saving the Amazon uses technology to support indigenous communities, and combats deforestation through tree-planting schemes. It has gained a reputation for the tangible benefits its work has brought to the Amazonian areas of Colombia and Brazil. In its work, the NGO strives to partner with local communities who understand and respect the rainforest.

Canaïma Gin is aiming to double the number of trees it plants in 2022 – and is encouraging its consumers and spirits professionals in Europe and North America to get involved by gifting or planting a tree through the Saving the Amazon website.

Edouard Beaslay, Canaïma Gin’s global marketing director, said: “When we launched Canaïma, our purpose was not only to bring an exceptional gin to the world, but also to fight deforestation and support local communities through our collaboration with Saving the Amazon.”

Carla Martinez, Canaïma global brand manager, added: “This year, you can treat yourself or your loved ones to a very special gift: a tree to be planted in the Amazon to reforest the region and support the wellbeing of local communities.”

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