Nantwich Gin maker launches Matron’s Strength

Nantwich Gin Matron's Strength

English spirits business Cheshire Botanicals has celebrated the first anniversary of its Nantwich Gin launch with a limited-edition release: Matron’s Strength.

The new gin is named in honour of Deb Challinor, the company’s co-founder and sales director, who is an NHS matron with more than 40 years’ experience in the healthcare sector. It has been produced in a super-limited batch and will be sold in 20cl bottles through the Cheshire Botanicals website.

Nantwich Gin, the company’s flagship London dry gin, was created to honour the Cheshire town from which it takes its name. In the Matron’s Strength, the ABV has been increased from 40% to 57%. Cheshire Botanicals says this gives the gin a thicker, almost syrupy texture and brings coriander and floral lavender notes to the forefront.

Nantwich Gin Matron's Strength bottle with Cheshire Botanicals feline supervisor Louis
Matron’s Strength Nantwich Gin with Cheshire Botanicals’ supervisor, Louis the cat

Should the gin prove to be popular, Cheshire Botanicals says it will consider making it a permanent fixture of its spirits range.

Holly Challinor, director at Cheshire Botanicals, said: “The last year has been a wild ride. We’ve been incredibly grateful to the customers and partners who’ve taken Nantwich Gin to their hearts, and gin shelves, as well as other gin brands and industry peers who’ve given us support and encouragement as a new start-up. Matron’s Strength is the perfect way to celebrate our first birthday.”

She added: “In 2022, we aim to introduce Nantwich Gin to more people around the country, giving them a perfect taste of Cheshire in bloom.”

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