Adnams launches Blackcurrant Gin

Adnams Copper House Blackcurrant Gin

English distiller Adnams has harnessed the bounty and flavour of hedgerows in its native East Anglia for its latest release, Copper House Blackcurrant Gin.

The berries – which grow in abundance around the brewer-distiller’s home in Southwold, Suffolk – are locally foraged and distilled with Adnams’ own neutral grain spirit to create the new fruit-forward gin.

According to Adnams head distiller John McCarthy, around 40kg of East Anglian blackcurrants are used for every 1,100 bottles of the gin produced. They are distilled with a selection of more familiar botanicals, including juniper, star anise, liquorice root and cassia bark.

McCarthy said: “The recipe called for lots of fruit, and we were delighted to showcase the abundance of blackcurrants grown in East Anglia. We built the recipe from there, deciding to balance the crisp blackcurrant fruit and juniper’s tart citrus flavours with botanicals that deliver sweet, woody accents, producing a gin that’s evocative of an English hedgerow.” 

The Adnams team says the gin has prominent aromas of blackcurrant juice and citrus juniper, notes of bittersweet blackcurrant, citrus and sweet liquorice on the palate, and a finish that mellows from sweetness into light, drying aniseed and cinnamon.

Adnams Copper House Blackcurrant Gin (40% ABV) is available at Adnams retail stores and, priced at £31.99.

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