Salcombe Distilling adds to New London Light non-alcoholic range

New London Light non-alcoholic aperitif range from Salcombe Distilling Company

England’s Salcombe Distilling Company has added two new expressions to its New London Light range of non-alcoholic aperitifs.

Midnight Sun and Aegean Sky join the range alongside the original New London Light expression, First Light, a 0% ABV spirit alternative that was launched by Devon-based distiller Salcombe in September 2020.

Salcombe Distilling says the new products have been inspired by coastal locations around the world, and have acted as a canvas to explore flavour combinations from each region with innovative production processes.

Midnight Sun is inspired by the rugged Nordic coastline, featuring lingonberries, elderberries, fresh kelp and pine. Aegean Sky, meanwhile, captures the flavours of the Mediterranean with kumquat, bergamot, olive, rosemary, blood orange and rosehip.

New London Light non-alcoholic aperitifs from Salcombe Distilling Company
The New London Light non-alcoholic aperitifs: Aegean Sky, First Light and Midnight Sun

To create the aperitifs, Salcombe Distilling Company first steeps the botanicals in water and neutral grain spirit for 48 hours – an effective way to extract and carry flavour. Next, this ‘botanical steep’ is distilled in the distillery’s rotary vacuum still to remove the alcohol without removing the flavour.

On the New London Light releases, Howard Davis, co-founder and director at Salcombe Distilling Company, said: “The non-alcoholic space is a fast-growing and exciting playground that has provided us with an opportunity to get creative and explore some innovative techniques and processes.

“Our distilling team have an incredible understanding of distillation, are passionate about botany and foraging and have so much patience for perfecting each part the process. We love learning and experimenting and both Midnight Sun and Aegean Sky are fantastic examples of our uncompromising approach to creating bold flavour combinations.

“It is a challenge to provide something alternative to alcohol that doesn’t compromise on taste, and for us to be able to achieve this whilst keeping as much of the distillation process in house as possible is something we’re extremely proud of.”

New London Light is one of a raft of no- and low-alcohol spirit alternatives to be launched by gin brands in the past year, with products from Tanqueray, Gordon’s and Warner’s also hitting the market.

For every 70cl bottle of New London Light sold in the UK, Salcombe Distilling Company donates 1 per cent of the retail price to the Marine Conservation Society’s seagrass regeneration project.

You can purchase New London Light Midnight Sun and Aegean Sky on the Salcombe Distilling Company website.

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