Up your gin game with these seven apps

Whether you want to build your own library of gin tasting notes, discover new tipples, or mix great gin drinks, there is an app out there to help you! We’ve rounded up a selection that covers all these bases. Have we missed your favourite? Let us know in the comments below!


One of the most popular gin apps out there, Ginventory helps you find the perfect gin and tonic pairing. Choose a gin from its library of spirits (you can search by name, or by botanical, should you wish to) and you’ll be presented with a selection of ideal tonics and garnishes to pair with it. With a library of more than 1,500 gins and 100 tonics, you’re sure to find something that takes your fancy – and if you can’t, it will let you suggest additions. (Free)


GINferno lets you create and rate your own drinks, from neat gins to cocktails, and share your favourite gins, mixers and serves with others (if you want a bit of guidance, though, there are also serving suggestions from distilleries and the GINferno team). You can also build a personalised gin wish list, set up virtual tasting rooms for events, and connect to online retailers. With help from users, it’s so far built a library of 3,800 gins, 800 mixers and 200 garnishes. (Free)


Juniper is a one-stop shop for your gin-buying needs, whether you’re out on the town or in the supermarket. It hosts a GPS-enabled map to show bars and distilleries near you and has a bottle-scanning feature to help you find out more information about gins that interest you. There’s also the option to record gins you’ve tried in the My Gins archive. (Free)


Self-styled ‘liquor advocate’ Flaviar is a platform to help spirits enthusiasts learn more about their favourite tipples. It features ‘flavour spirals’, to give a more three-dimensional idea of a drink’s aroma and taste, lets you build a ‘home bar’, and curates mini spirits tasting packs. While it’s not exclusively focused on gin, its juniper spirits offering is pretty decent. (Free, with in-app purchases)

Gin Tasting

This app acts as your own personal gin tastings file. It allows you to create a database to store details, notes and ratings for any gins you try, with tables to help you keep track of botanicals, aromas and flavours. (Paid, £0.99)


This popular cocktail app has an archive of more than 8,000 recipes and 1,000 ingredients, a ‘liquor cabinet’ function to enter all the spirits and mixers you have on hand, and a built-in bar and liquor store finder, which uses GPS. Browse through the categories yourself, from Martinis and Shooters to Punches, or if you need some help choosing, there’s a slot machine-style random generator that enables you to search based on spirit, mixer or glassware. (Free – but you can upgrade to the paid app, Mixologist, which allows you to save custom recipes.)

And let’s not forget…

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3 comments on “Up your gin game with these seven apps

  1. Great overview about the different apps. Didn’t know that there are so many apps available. Amazing to have the GINferno app with ~4,000 gins.

    • _ginsUSA_

      Great Choice! GINferno is really a great app with a lot of helpful recipes! Great!

  2. Hey guys, Ginventory has more than 6500 gins actually in the app 🙂

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